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    Junior Curling - Little Rocks (ages 6-10)

    Little Rocks (ages 6-10)

    Half the weight, twice the fun! Participants slide a half-weight curling rock (20 pounds) halfway down the ice. Participants move to U19 when they are able to slide a full-weight curling rock to the far end of the ice.

    Drop in curling Sundays 2:00-3:30 pm (when there isn't an event) and Mondays 5:00-6:00 pm.

    Junior Curling - U19 (ages 11 - 18)

    U19 (ages 11-18)

    Ideal for participants able to slide a full-weight curling rock (40 pounds) to the far end of the ice, approximately ages 11-18.

    Drop-in curling Sundays 2:00-3:30 pm (when there isn't an event), Mondays 4:30-6:00 pm, and Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm.

    Sunday - 4:45/7:00pm - Open Social

    This is a very social and open league with individual sign ups. Teams are picked by skips over three sessions, with a fourth session that is a championship playoff. There is a focus on helping the newer curler get better. This is a social setting where less experienced curlers can receive assistance with physical mechanics, best practices, etiquette, and strategy.

    Monday - 6:15pm - Ladies League

    This league is a combination of a social and competitive league that is perfect for curlers at all levels of the game. Games are played in a traditional four-person team format over 8 ends, time allowing. Players may put in their own teams or sign up as individuals. Skips will draft balanced teams out of the individual player pool. Women's league has spring and fall seasons, with occasional fun days, development days, and themes, such as the All-American, a local and national event sponsored by the USWCA. Perfect for new curlers and champions alike, women's league creates a fun, laid-back way to grow your game and compete more confidently as a team and as a player.

    Monday - 8:30pm - Open Team Sign Up

    This is a social and open-format league where full teams register together. The season is generally broken up into three sessions and teams stay together through all of them. Results and standings are tracked and posted for anyone with a bit of a competitive spirit, but those can be ignored if you just want a fun curling night with your team. The league will accept up to ten teams and, depending on the number of teams registered, the sessions may follow a round-robin format or a tiered grouping of teams that are shuffled each session.

    Tuesday - 10:00am - R.O.C.s

    This is a very social drop-in league (mostly made up of Really Old Curlers) that accepts individual entries. Teams are assembled by the Drawmaster depending on who shows up on any given week.

    Tuesday - 5:45/8:15pm - Men's League

    This is a competitive men’s league that keeps a good balance between competitiveness and socializing. The structure allows for teams of all skill levels due to its three divisions with tiered relegation. Only two draws creating an atmosphere where a full 8 end game is expected. Sign up must be done as a team, requiring a minimum of three players to qualify as a team. The first 2 sessions are round robin play within divisions.  Teams are then seeded and placed into groups according to points accumulated during the first 2 sessions.  The 3rd session is round robin play within those groups, leading to the playoffs, which result in the Men's Club Champion's names being placed on the Lon O'Connor Trophy.

    Wednesday - 7:00am - Doubles

    This league is semi-competitive with end of the year playoffs. All skill levels are welcomed. You may sign up as an individual or as part of a 2-person team. If you sign up as an individual, you will be paired with someone. There will be 2 sessions, so individuals may be assigned to a different team. Rinks may contain any mix of men and women curlers. Male and Female players may play in any order (based on USCA Doubles Rules). Games will only run 90 minutes and will be completed by 8:30am.

    Wednesday - 10:00am - Open

    New open league that is available to those who now work from home.   This should be a fun league that allows you to get out of your home office and throw some rocks.  We do not currently have a DrawMaster but if we get enough to sign up I'm sure someone will step up to run the league.  

    Wednesday - 5:30/6:45pm - Doubles

    This league is open format with any combination of two players on a team. Standard USCA rules for doubles  apply with two rocks starting in pre-set positions and each team throwing 5 more rocks during the end. There will be two back-to-back draws on Wednesday that will constitute one league. Player preferences for the first or second draw will be taken into consideration when determining the schedule, but it is likely a team will need to play both draws at some point over the course of the season.  

    Doubles is a fun and fast-paced version of curling.  Each member who played doubles last season really enjoyed the format. 

    Wednesday - 8:15pm - Skip's Choice

    This is a fairly social and open league with individual sign ups. Teams are selected by Skips over three separate sessions. Skips change for each session depending on the standings. A Champion is crowned each session and has their names scribbled on a Post-It note and stuck on the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

    Thursday - 1:00pm - Men's League

    This is a men's only semi-competitive league that operates as a Skips Ladder running two or three sessions, depending on the number of league participants. Teams are selected by draft at the beginning of each session. Two to three skips rotate out at the end of each session. New Skips are generally obtained each new session from the vices of the prior session based on team performance.  

    Thursday - 4:20/6:00/7:40/9:20pm - Open Competitive

    Times are now 4:20, 6:00, 7:40, and 9:20 PM.

    The league is competitive in nature, but fun can still be had. All skill levels are welcomed. You may sign up as an individual or as part of a team.  If you have no team, you will be assigned to one. Rinks may contain any mix of men and women curlers. Male and Female players may play in any order. This year, we will feature a tiered relegation system during the regular season. The tiered structure will serve to promote the competitive nature of the league with promotion and relegation at set times during regular play. Year end playoffs and trophy will remain the same.

    Friday - 6:00pm - Skip's Ladder

    This is a fun AND competitive league. This is where every shot counts and also you might hear players say, “why not, it’s Friday night”. This is a place where we all want to win and if we don’t do it on the ice then we will win in the warm room, either by having a few pitchers with friends or the many board/card/dice games we play on a weekly basis. What better way to start the weekend off then on the ice, a cold drink in your hand and great company that sometimes drops their broom making ALL other players drop their brooms to rub it in.

    Friday - 8:15pm - Mixed League

    This is a very social and casual league, consisting of mixed teams (order is not enforced), but no scores or standings are recorded. The league focuses on fun, community, and the social aspect of the game, with games usually only lasting 6 ends. The league typically features a Christmas and season-end potluck and sweet/salty snacks after each draw (each curler must sign up and contribute at least once a season). Teams are often made up of couples, but individuals are also welcome. Members can request to be teamed up with their spouse, other couples/singles, or the Drawmaster will assemble teams. This is a fun laidback league to celebrate the end of the week and have a good time curling with your curling family.

    Friday - 10:15pm - Open League

    This league is an open and fun league. You can sign up as a team, individual, or partial team. You play with the same teammates throughout the season. The format is based off of professional wrestling with all the teams vying to win the belt throughout the season. Each week has at least one sheet playing a stipulation game. The stipulation will change every week and will include formats such as skins, biters are better, timed matches, and many more.

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